Your challenge, and the challenge of every business - whether it's a start-up, or a company in a high growth phase - is to know how to move forward. You've made it this far, but what next? And like with any change, it involves risk to step from the known into the unknown. The decisions you make now will affect the long-term profitability of your business. Will you sink or swim? GIBBOUS can give you the right tools to swim upstream and the wisdom for your business to prosper.
Now is the time to discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. and this is how you can do it. With our 360 degree business discovery system. Find the right solutions by being asked the right questions about what is and isn't working in your business. You might be surprised at the results. retain control over the future of your business by getting back in the driver's seat.

Our Expertise

Strategy & Implementation
The world is always in movement. So to maintain your niche in the market you need to evolve your business. And to do that, you need a roadmap that doesn't just tell you where but how. Be guided by our tactical expertise and develop solid, realistic strategies from launch to beyond. Beyond. GIBBOUS can provide anything from a single point solution to a complete calendar of marketing events.
Interface & web design
The power of three. Useability. Functionality and visual appeal. When it comes to creating web designs and interfaces, GIBBOUS is a triple threat. Get the edge over your competitors with a web presence that will turn visitors into customers. A clean, uncluttered design and straight-forward navigation will focus attention on what's important. And thoughtful use of technology (tool, not tricks) will enhance your message.
Corporate Branding
What do you stand for as a brand? Successful brands need great ideas. GIBBOUS can help you express those ideas with images and words that inspire. Engage with consumers by creating a brand that's serious or playful, adventurous or inquisitive. And build your brand on differentiation. Innovate. Stimulate and Motivate.
Graphic Design
With millions of messages fighting for attention, your visual communication needs a hook. Our philosophy is based on clever use of typography,illustrations and high impact imagery to cut through the noise. From logos and brand elements to sales and promotional materials, GIBBOUS can create a lasting impression for your visual communication.

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